Culturally Adaptive Leader Coaching Program


The Power of Coaching

The Culturally Adaptive Leader Coaching (CAL-Coaching) program provides the process, structure and expertise to guide participants in awakening their potential to champion Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Antiracism (IDEA). Through this Program, participants discover their strengths and areas for development in navigating and bridging across differences. In addition, they develop the mindset, knowledge and skills that are critical to advancing IDEA in their organization or community. Our program facilitators are highly experienced trainers, certified coaches and licensed administrators of the Intercultural Development Inventory™, a scientifically valid and cross-culturally reliable psychometric tool used around the world and in a wide variety of organizations and sectors.

community of practice

Share observations and resources, debrief and provide peer supervision and support with others in your company.

Why coaching in IDEA?

Have you ever been inspired to do something after listening to an amazing speaker; after reading a book; or attending a workshop only to see that energy fizzle out as your demanding schedule takes over? Have you wished you had a safe and non-judgmental space to ask anything about IDEA issues, to test-drive ideas and get insight on complex scenarios, trusting you’ll be given kind but honest and highly practical feedback? Coaching has proven to be a powerful tool that helps individuals, including emerging and experienced leaders hone their IDEA skills, turning their aspirations into results. 

Hear From Fellow Leaders

Coaching is one the best-kept secrets of some of the world’s most successful and inspiring leaders. By tapping into the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural elements of change, coaching has the power to facilitate a real breakthrough in situations where you may feel stuck or simply ineffective. Think of coaching as both a tool and a supportive container to help you realize your goals. With the CAL-Coaching Program, you’re going on a journey with a trusted guide who will ensure your experience is both transformative and brings lasting results.

The sessions integrate core coaching competencies and best practices

Key Participants

  • Executive leaders and senior managers
  • Human Resource Managers / Professionals
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leads, managers, directors
  • Employee Resource Group Leads
  • Lawyers, Doctors, Media Professionals, Healthcare and Education Administrators, Coaches seeking to advance their IDEA competences.

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