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As a leading Canadian provider of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism (IDEA) services for more than 20 years, DiversiPro has maintained a solid record of success in creating innovative approaches to meeting a constantly evolving variety of individual and organizational training, development and coaching needs. 

Today, through the portal we are bringing our time-tested expertise in delivering IDEA-focused in-person and virtually-delivered knowledge and skills training to a much wider audience of life-long adult learners through state-of-the art self-paced, video-based, online presentations you can enjoy in your own space and on your own time.

Our adult-learning focused pedagogic approach equips you with the strategies and techniques designed to stimulate the level of reflection that motivates individual change and energizes organizational transformation.

DiversiPro helps you, as a changemaker or employee, to develop the intercultural competencies that encourage open conversations about differences that make a difference in today’s evolving workplaces. Leaders from a wide range of organizational sectors consider DiversiPro a “trusted advisor” on IDEA issues that matter for organizational productivity and growth.

Principles Guiding Your DiversiPro Learning Experiences

  • All forms of racism are systemic—deeply rooted in our institutions and culture. Systemic problems require systemic IDEA solutions including time and resource commitments.
  • DiversiPro’s IDEA teaching and learning processes are guided by people with lived experiences—“nothing about us without us.”
  • DiversiPro’s IDEA teaching and learning approach is intersectional: it recognizes and addresses the many forms of oppression that operate together—racism, sexism, ableism and transphobia etc.—that work together to create compounded experiences of discrimination.
  • DiversiPro uses a developmental approach which challenges organizational resistance to change and guides organizations in venturing outside their comfort zones where real changes can happen.
  • DiversiPro emphasizes collaborative community engagement and rejects “token consultations” as a strategy that recognizes the inherent wisdom and capacity of people to create and lead their own solutions.
  • Accessibility must be embedded through inclusive design that looks at removing all barriers to meaningful participation.

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Our Vision & Strategy for Organizational Change

DiversiPro has developed and verified its comprehensive 360-degree approach to analyzing and implementing IDEA principles and practices in today’s dynamically evolving workplaces. Popularly described as the integration and learning paradigm of diversity, DiversiPro guides organizations in seeking input from members of multiple identity groups and cultures to improve work processes as well as product and service offerings. In this way, diversity and inclusion stimulates synergistic thinking in which team members combine a variety of perspectives to create exciting innovations. DiversiPro works in partnership with our clients to progress towards tangible results in a refreshingly vibrant organization with culturally competent leaders and fulfilled, motivated employees.

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